Raid PyreneenRaid Pyreneen (English)Jotunheimen RundtLa MarmotteLa Marmotte (English)Haute Route
La Marmotte

Sportcommunication arranges La Marmotte and the other races within the Grand Trophée.
The tourist offices in Bourg d’Oisans and Alpe d’Huez can help with information and accommodation.
The excelent Mountain Site ( is no longer with us, but Climb by Bike contains detail profiles of all climbs and descents in the race. These are well worth studying before the race.
The Mountain Site also contained a race profile for La Marmotte, which I found after the race. Click here to view this profile.
Dave Whitt of Casearean Cycling Club did the La Marmotte in 2003 and was followed by several club mates in 2004. Read the travel report at their home page, under “Road Racing”, “Other Events”, "Randonnées 2004" and “La Marmotte”.
All photos of me during the race were taken by Photo Breton, who takes pictures of most races in the area.