Raid PyreneenRaid Pyreneen (English)Jotunheimen RundtLa MarmotteLa Marmotte (English)Haute Route
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Positive experiences

  • Make a list of all equipment for the trip.
  • Make maps for each day with the stage profile and intermediate distances at the back and put it in plastic .
  • Go through the bike and change the brake pads.
  • Hard transportation cases for the bikes.
  • Bring a small rucksack for equipment that might come to use during the stage.
  • Use small plastic bags for small things such as wallet and Carnet de Route and big ones for used bike clothes.
  • Bring short bike shorts and jerseys, and additional under shirts, arm warmers, knee warmers, gilet, rain jacket, overshoes, and gloves.
Food & medicine
  • Use sun protection regardless of the weather in the morning.
  • 2 – 3 Power bars per day and power gel for the toughest parts.
  • Liniment, Voltaren, or othet anti-inflammation pills or gel at hand each day.
  • Carbon hydrate drink for each stage and for recovery
During the ride
  • Before each stage:
    Apply liniment to thighs and knees.
  • During each stage:
    Eat continuously and fill the water bottles whenever there is a possibility.
  • After each stage:
    Stretch and liniment.
  • At bedtime each day:
    Apply liniment and go through the next stage, including reading Andrew Powers' travel report.

Improvements for next trip …

  • Check that the bike computer is in good shape.
Air trip
  • If possible, use another carrier than Air France. They seem to have a lot of strikes during the summer months. Of course, it is not possible to take precautions for all these possible events. However, it is possible to choose a carrier that has a service desk that offers … service.
Coach trip
  • Bring some books, magazines and a DVD or CD player. It is a long journey.
  • Bring your own müsli if you want any.
Bicycle maintenance
  • Bring some scotchbrite, lubricant and cloth for bicycle maintanence.
During the ride
  • Memorize each stage thoroughly, not only the first ones.
  • Check the distance to next control point at each summit.
  • Do not order anything else than ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch; it takes time to prepare and to digest.
  • Bob, who had done the Paris - Brest - Paris, had his map secured with two rubber straps on his left arm, where he had fast access to all information.